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The Truth Of Relapse As A Normal Part Of Recovery Call Peterborough Drug Rehab

The claim that relapse is the common part of recovery is true to some scale.

A number of individuals who may have managed to achieve sustained sobriety would have had quite a few failed attempts initially. Some people even credit these failures and the lessons learnt from them for their ability to later walk away from the addiction for good. There is no benefit of being too hard on oneself when an individual falls into relapse after a period of being sober. In situations like these, it will prove beneficial to view relapse as a normal part of recovery by turning their attention to gaining their sobriety at the earliest. So, relapse is in a certain way a normal part of recovery, but it also isn't in another way.

Relapse Is Not A Necessary Part Of Recovery In Alcohol Rehab Peterborough

Relapse shouldn't be seen as something that must happen even if it is something that normally happens.

Some individuals even succeed to stay clean with their first try, but there are many more of them that are able to stay sober without going through multiple relapses.

The ideal situation is that people return to sobriety without ever relapsing. If they manage to do, so they can begin rebuilding their lives without delaying the matter for long. Individuals who succeed the first time also avoid the many problems that stem from falling back into addiction.

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Dangers Of Relapse Within Alcohol Rehab Peterborough

When people return to their addiction, they are exposing themselves to some risks.

  • Some of the issues that may arise due to a relapse are
  • Your next relapse may signal the last time you're ever sober since you can never be sure that you'll be able to stop using once you start again
  • In most cases, certain conditions have to be met for a person to be able to quit substance abuse and these conditions might never happen again
  • Even when a person isn't taking the substance in question, the addiction may still be setting its roots deeper and deeper in the mind of the drug or alcohol user due to its chronic nature
  • This can lead to a situation where going back to addiction could result in worse outcomes than the individual was previously
  • The negative aspects of addiction may become much clearer to a person if they've had a chance to be clean
  • This raised awareness of the pains of addiction might cause people to react by raising the usage of drugs or alcohol in order to escape the suffering
  • Due to this addiction the family and friends will likely already have suffered a great deal
  • New pain will probably come with a relapse
  • Substance abuse is extremely damaging to the mind and body, and some of the damages caused can be irreversible. [Eg. alcohol dementia and liver cirrhosis]
  • Anyone who goes into relapse risks permanently damaging their body and brain
  • People usually delay their opportunity of a normal life once they have a relapse
  • You can achieve sobriety at any age but it is obviously best to quit addiction at the earliest opportunity
  • Another problem brought about by relapse is the lowering of self efficacy which is believing in your own ability to do something
  • Individuals might be expecting to fail if their self-confidence is decreased which can make it even more difficult to overcome addiction
  • Some addicts might even spend many years of their lives going in and out of treatment, which is known as the revolving door syndrome
  • This can be a very unpleasant life, in addition to being hard on individual's finances

Normal As An Excuse For Relapse Within Alcohol Rehab Peterborough

A person may feel justified to fall back into addiction just because it is seen as a normal part of addiction and this may be a real problem.

A highly destructive ability to adopt fallacious thinking is always there in the addict as a means of explaining their actions. The individual wants to believe that it is okay to go back to addiction because it is an expected aspect of their recovery. In some cases the patient will even justify relapse as a necessary part of recovery that will give them a stronger push to achieving sobriety. They might believe that, if they want to quit for good, they must first go even deeper into the pains of addiction. What they do not realize is the dangers of such thinking as going deeper into addiction could lead to insanity or even death. The claim that relapse is a common part of recovery should never be used as a get out of jail free card.

Preventing Relapse Within Alcohol Rehab Peterborough

The people need to do everything possible to avoid a relapse back to their addiction once they give up their addiction.

  • They can do these things to help them stay clean
  • Begin by getting a good understanding of relapse along with its causes and work to safeguard themselves from slipping into it
  • Know common relapse triggers such as loneliness, fatigue, anger and hunger is helpful (remember these by using the acronym HALT)
  • Make sobriety the most important thing in their lives
  • The individual is at a high risk of relapse when they begin to take things within their lives for granted and are no longer interested in doing the things that have been keeping them sober
  • During the first year of the recovery process, it is usually advisable that you don't make any major changes to your life
  • Having too much pressure in life will overwhelm the addict and they are likely to resort to addiction as a means of escaping life stresses
  • Quitting drugs and alcohol is a commendable start but there is more needed to achieve a life that is addiction free
  • The individual needs to remember that recovery is a process and not an event, and therefore, they will be required to work harder before they can be considered as fully recovered
  • Grateful people within the recovery will fight hard to sustain it
  • The individual can take help from tools such a gratitude journal that has the ability to remind them of all they have to lose if they ever returned to addiction
  • The members of a recovery fellowship often realize that this gives them support and reminds them of the need to stay sober
  • Many find keeping up with a recovery plan to be very advantageous to their lives
  • Issues such as the underlying causes of the addiction can be dealt with using therapy
  • They might not make so many same errors again with this self-discovery

Handling A Relapse Within Alcohol Rehab Peterborough Is Challenging

A relapse should never be considered lightly, but it must also be understood that there is no benefit, which can be had by feeling excessively guilty about it. However, it really shouldn't be considered the end.

  • You can still get back on the path to recovery if you
  • Act as quickly as possible to get back on the wagon
  • The longer they leave it the harder it can be to start again
  • Chances of experiencing a slip are found the most in the people who relapse and automatically regret it
  • If they decide to stop instantly they will not be required to experience a full-blown relapse
  • When an individual goes through relapse or a slip it shows that they have gone off track in one way or the another
  • This is an indication that the individual will have to understand how they veered off course
  • You may end up repeating the same mistake unless you use it as a learning experience
  • People need to do something to prevent relapse happening again, not only to understand the reasons behind the relapse
  • Choosing to handle things their own way is one reason why many people end up relapsing
  • Having a beginner's mind and be willing to consider anything that can benefit their sobriety is the best attitude in recovery
  • You will have to try extra hard to stay clean in case of a relapse
  • If they decide to return back to how things were before the relapse, they are exposing themselves to a high risk of repeating the mistakes
  • Ambivalence is another common reason for relapse after having gone for some time through recovery as they continue to hold on to the hope of taking the drug or alcohol for one last time
  • For those that want to sustain a continuous sobriety it is crucial to get rid of this indecisiveness and realize why staying clean for life is important